Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thank you Bel Rohazad . Light calligraphy

BA YA LAM : Light Calligraphy

BEL one of my loyal friend. Been following me around when I have the urge to write with lights. TQ bro Bel Rozhad and not forgetting Amy Tawi Marvellous Marvellous pergi kedai mencari tanglung , misai dia tanglung! bwahahahahah. And new found friend Nazirul Yahya.

bell by Apai Biszign on

If you guys wondering where is the location that I did all my dessert-look light graff pieces , if you guys really wanna know lah, I travel far north to the arabian land ... just kidding. I did all my shots at Melaka or Malacca for mat-salleh. Yeap.. Melaka . They are developing a theme park, I heard it will be Warner Brothers Theme Park, but some says it will be the largest theme park in Malaysia. I don't really know, what I know is, they took the sand from the bottom of the ocean , I believe on the Malacca Straits and dump it to the shares to extend the land, resulting = the dessert . I really love this place cos I love minimalism in my photography. Subject + minimal background.

I'll throw you guys a bonus , here is the google map link. Don't thank me, just buy me 2 cups of coconut shake =) . If you happen to be a light painter / light calligraphy writer and you are in Malacca, just drop me an email and we can paint the dessert with lights together!

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