Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hikarimoji : Past & Present pt2

Chapter 1 : Hiphop :

Chapter 2 : Graffiti

I worked part time at Cyber Cafe in 2000, there is when I get my strong influence in graffiti while hanging out with K'OZ crew , whom are my friends. I got to know about graffiti as early as 1997 but to know it true essence and what its all about around 1998. K'OZ crew is the pioneer of Malaysian Graffiti scene. Subwayz (Batu Pahat) , Sparkling (Batu Pahat) , Nenok (Shah Alam) and Bambam (Indonesia) is the earliest member of K'Oz. I followed them in couple series of graffiti bombing. Subway bombed my sketch piece "JAWI" fusion of Jawi khat and wildstyle graffiti. Believe it or not, Malaysian graffiti scene started at the very small town Batu Pahat Johore! K'Oz made the biggest graffiti mural in Malaysia consisting 2 building blocks wide in 2001 if I'm not mistaken. Since then, the graffiti craze started and we saw many writers were born after K'Oz showed the way. I learned many things from Subwayz , Sparkling, and Nenok. They have their own style and signatures. And I have mine which is, I'm more to calligraphy tags, but sometimes I also did wildstyle sketches and sometimes 3D.

I got proper art learning in my CADDCAM ACADEMY days. There I learned how to sketch properly Industrial Designing ways. I adapt my knowledge and merge it with my old technique. Apart of sketching forms & industrial , I would still sketch graffiti pieces, you know just to express my thoughts. Its kinda relaxing when I have the medium to express my thoughts while chasing assignments datelines, projects and other things-students-need-to-do.

I'm still in love with graffiti, and I still wanted to do it on walls. I envy my friends who make a living with graffiti like PHB KLK of District , PWC & Super Sunday. But now I can graff with lights. I think I evolve to a different level but still loving the origin of the artform. After my college days, after I washed my hands on making music, I felt empty cos I can't express myself. Lucky me I found my gf now wife sometime in between to fill my emptiness. Alamak jiwang la plak! hahahahaha. It's true, her love filled the emptiness and the urge of making art. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad thing. She is the one pushing me to explore my desire in photography, and she is the one to help to decide Nikon D60 over Xbox360. haha I can't imagine what I'm doing in my free time right now if I bought the Xbox! =) maybe I'll be a fulltime gamer now haha. Thanks to her, I tried photography and fell in love with it.

My Nikon D60.. I bought it... oops.. you guys have to wait for Chapter 3 : Photography .. haha =)
Thanx for reading guys.

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