Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Light Graffiti : Consoci8 Logo Shoot

Assalamualaikum people!
How are you guys doing? ooooooooooo.. so many sawang laa this blog.. sorry for not updating regularly, My office has blocked website surfing, and my home broadband internet suxx big time.

Last week, one of the founder of Consoci8 contacted me. They wanted to make a small in-front-of-office-door-sign board. On the tele-conversation , he wanted my suggestion on how to infuse light graffiti with their Logo and I decided to so silhouette + light streak painting where the idea is to make the logo fonts as silhouette while the company`s corporate color as light streak. For the finishing, I suggested them to print on transparent acrylic and the installation consists of light bulb to put behind off the printed acrylic so that it will illuminate the light streaks.

The whole idea makes me excited.

Here how the project goes.
I printed out the logo using 6pc A3 sized paper (tiles) , and then I glued them together

After that, I glued them on a hard mounting board , around 2-3 mm thick. It take around 1 hour for the glue to dry.
Then, I carefully cut out the logo but I kept the spacing by keeping leftovers between fonts.
to ensure the spacing, I have to figure out on how to hold the alphabets together. I decided to use 3-4mm thick cable. I made holes on both alphabets , then I punch and twist the cable on both end. Its not that tough but it holds. I don`t want to use thicker cable cause it will appear in the picture.
Then I cut out the remaining leftovers =)
Now , the biggest problem is.. how to make the alphabet stand on it`s own? My initial idea is to set the fonts on a table with black cloth as it base, an create a foot at the bottomest where the fonts is touching the table. But I don't think it will work. So I came on another idea. Hang it!
Sweet isn`t it .. I never thought I would pull this off, but I always trust on my instinct and try to make it work. I setup the the hanger at my office "Soul Chapters Studio" at Pulau Gadong Melaka. ( If you guys wanted to do white studio photoshoot you guys can contact me). Luckily 2 of my fellow friends is there to help out with the setup.
This is the best piece I made after several attempts. The idea is to make a "comet/asteroid" feel where I think Consoci8 is an amazing company where they can help you to make your idea/product operational using their system and expertise. For me Comet or Asteroid is  Fast, Strong and Out Of This World. It suits Consoci8 .I never bumped to this kind of company before in Malaysia. And I am proud to have the opportunity to work with them! Thank you Consoci8 .. check them out guys!


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    1. Hye Ross ,

      thanks for dropping by , I'm still waiting for CS8 to show me the finish (physical) sign, If they have shared with me, I will definitely conclude this post =)