Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This is where Photography meets Street Art.

Salam guys..
Another video from me.. =)
Thank you Mahathir for the great footage. It took roughly 8 hours for me to arrange and edit it.. But it was worth it.

The reason why I make videos/slides like this?
HLG Malaysia : A Tribute to Hiphop
HLG Malaysia : Malacca Landscape Tagging

Light graffiti in Malaysia is still fresh but not new, if you know what i'm saying.. many people knows how to do it, but a few enhanced their skills on it. Maybe when you see my pictures you will say "Owh .. I know how to do that.. it's just a matter of setting up the shutter speed" .. yes and no..

Yes , Light graffiti/painting has been around for a very long time, and maybe you have tried once or twice with your torchlights, fireworks or even fire. but have you tried to make perfect writing or painting? Have you ever tried to make abstract pattern that can change human emotions? Have ever you tried to make a light sculpture that can make people say "WOW". No.. I don't think so. And NO.. my pictures is still not perfect but I'm on my way to perfection.

HLG is promoting Light Tagging (from the street art GRAFFITI) to Malaysia. Light Tagging is all about writing and expressing your thoughts. Writing LETTERS .. can be your signatures, quotes , thoughts , emotions .. anything! Write in Roman, Arabic , Wildstyle , Throw Ups , Calligraphy , Old School , New School or your own style. Or in short words... STYLE LIGHT WRITING. Taking graffiti as roots, and elaborating it with our own way.. there is no rule.. the results can be anything. This is where Photography meets Street Art.

I can see there are already other groups emerging and start doing Light Painting and I'm very happy. Eventho they are not doing Light Tagging, I'm happy Light Graffiti as a whole has been slowly been accepted by Malaysian photographers and graffiti writers and some art lovers. I recieved many fb messages and emails congratulating me and showing their love and support. I would to say a million thanks because your words are what kept me going and I love you guys for that. To HLG crew member .. we need to work harder, cause we need to exceed the level that we have set =)

Malacca Landscape Tagging Video.

Light Writer : Biszign
Videographer : Mahathir
Video Editing : Biszign
Song : Travellin man (instrumental)
Artist : Mos Def & Dj Honda

Hikarimoji Lights Graffiti

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