Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hikarimoji and Lemonade : Tagging with lights (Light Graffiti) at Putrajaya

Putrajaya has been bombed! Another successful training session with my homebois, Lemonade Photography crew, and other bunch of Facebook friends. The session took place on the 2nd of October at in front of "Palace of Justice" Putrajaya. I manage to tag only a couple of shots at the streets before it started to rain heavily. We continued our session inside or you can say outside porch of "Palace of Justice".

I wanted to try out my 20" long lights but when we arrived at the scene, the light suddenly not working. Luckily, the night before. I have successfully modified 2 colored lights (which I stole from my father). I put 3 rows of bright LED and a push switch to make it easier for me to tag. Below are some of the results. More pictures will be post =)

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